Thursday, November 15, 2007

RoboForm Affiliate Program

RoboForm has thousands of happy affiliates and our software has been downloaded over 11 million times. What's the key to our affiliate program success?
It's Easy - We provide you with all the tools you need to be successful including any banner creative, text link examples, etc.
It's Fast - It takes two minutes to sign-up. You can start earning commissions today.
It's Reliable - Our tracking system is so good, that many multi-million dollar companies rely on us to report revenue earned. You will have access to online reporting.
It's Trusted - Our software is adware and spyware free. We have an impeccable reputation and have been recommended by a Who's Who of the media including PC Magazine, CNET, and the Wall Street Journal.
It's Generous - Our payouts can be as high as a 30% revenue share for every sale. Plus, you generate income for each and every sale you drive.
It's Flexible - We offer a variety of programs to fit your needs ranging from a 30% revenue share (or $9.00 per RoboForm PRO user) to being paid for every free RoboForm download.
It's as easy as 1-2-3 to get started.
Step 1 - You sign up for our program and we provide you with sample banners, tracking links and instructions.Step 2 - You promote RoboForm and monitor your account activity.Step 3 - We send you a check or transfer funds to your PayPal account at the end of the month. It's really that simple. If for any reason you experience any difficulties, we have a team of customer service representatives ready to help you.
We have very flexible and generous payment options. You can choose from any of the below payment programs.
Payment Plan --- Payment Per Free RF Install --- Revenue Share Commission
Plan 1 ----------- $0.05 -------------------------- 10%
Plan 2 ----------- $0.03 -------------------------- 20%
Plan 3 ----------- $0.00 -------------------------- 30%
We can also customize any plan to fit your needs. Please contact us by e-mail if you can drive 500 or more downloads per day.
It's very EASY to become a RoboForm affiliate. The process takes less than 5 minutes.
Step 1 - Go to Affiliate Management System (AMS) New Affiliate form, Step 2 - Fill out the application form and submit it. Step 3 - Wait for your confirmation email and confirm status.
It's that simple. Join our affiliate program and start making money today.
Step 1 - Go to Affiliate Management System (AMS), Step 2 - Enter your Affiliate ID and Password (you created them when applying) and click Login.
Materials That Will Help You Promote RoboForm
You can use any of these RoboForm banners on a web page that promotes RoboForm.
You can use RoboForm descriptions and media quotes from our Home Page
If you are promoting RoboForm to Sweepstakes entrants, you can use some of our promotion copy from our Sweepstakes Page.
Payout Rules
Install fee is paid for each qualified installation of RoboForm by a user. Each user is counted only once, so if a user installs RoboForm on one computer 100 times, it will count as one install.
Commission is computed as percentage of revenue received by Siber Systems from users referred by the Affiliate. The revenue is reduced by amount of refunds, chargebacks and chargeback fees that were applied to users referred by the Affiliate. Users should pay within six months of their original download. All downloads performed on or after February 01, 2003 are eligible. Example: if you refer a user to us, he downloads and installs RoboForm and buys one RoboForm Pro license before Aug 15, 2003 for $29.99 , you will receive $3.00 + $0.05 = $3.05 for this user on the plan 1, $6.03 on the plan 2 and $9 on the plan 3.
The minimum amount of the check that we send is $50. The minimum amount of the PayPal payment is $30. Unsent amounts will accumulate in your account until the $30/$50 threshold is reached. If you choose to close your account, amounts of $10 or more will be sent.
We prefer to make payments via PayPal, because it is faster and involves less paperwork. Please indicate that you can accept PayPal by putting your PayPal e-mail into PayPal e-mail field in the registration form.
We reserve the right to change payment plan to 0c per install plus 30% of revenue for affiliates whose install payments exceed revenue received from them. We reserve the right to cancel affiliate account if we have reasons to believe that affiliate is using prohibited advertising techniques.
This is how counting of installs occurs. When a user installs RoboForm for the first time, he/she sees a Registration Dialogue that asks for name, email and referrer. When the user clicks OK, he/she is automatically registered on our server even if he/she did not fill in their name or e-mail. Privacy note: we do not collect any data from Identities or Passcards, the data we collect comes from the Registration Dialogue that the user sees only once and it is not related to the data in Identities and Passcards.
This is how we know that install came from you. When your application is approved, we will send you a link to a copy of the installer file AiRoboForm.exe that was marked with your Affiliate ID. You select your Affiliate ID when registering, it must contain exactly 5 digit/letter characters. You will place a link to this file on your web site. Every user that clicks the link and then proceeds to download RoboForm will be counted as one of your users.
Prohibited Advertising TechniquesAny use of these advertising techniques will lead to immediate termination of your Affiliate account and to forfeiture of payments that are due:
Using spam to promote RoboForm (Spam being defined in CAN-SPAM US federal law). Basically, any mass unsolicited promotional electronic communication to a person with whom you have no prior business relationship is considered to be spam. You can use opt-in email lists to promote RoboForm, as long you acquired customer email as a result of existing business relationship.
Placing ads in search engines and their affiliates that are shown when user searches for "RoboForm". Content-based matching on word "RoboForm" is also prohibited.
Popping up ads for RoboForm in Instant Messengers.
Popping "Download RoboForm" window automatically when user enters a web page. User must click Download link. Since we do not count started downloads (we count completed installs), this technique will not increase your referrals.
Visit to Download page

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