Thursday, September 27, 2007

Adsense Traffic and Project Black Mask

After the hype over Project Black Mask recently, created by the same team that brought us Affiliate Project X and Day Job Killer, I decided to buy it and see whether it really was worthy of all the buzz it created. What I found surprised me.

Project Black Mask is a book which I actually found explained certain things in a way that opened my mind to possibilities I had never considered previously. The book focuses on strategies that are popular with Black Hat marketers to make considerable earnings from their sites. Monetization of sites are primarily through the utilization of Adsense, the Google ads displayed through their content network. However, the book also discusses the utilization of niche affiliate relationships to generate earnings.

The thing that I liked about Project Black Mask was that the author which the site refers to as “the insider” is not a wannabe without a clue. This guy is the real deal and also the author of Project Black Hat, an earlier book he published, amongst others. So, Project Black Mask doesn’t waste time discussing elementary stuff you can learn from a zillion blogs, forums and free books out there. It gets straight to it and tends to focus on what I’d consider to be the most important aspects of the internet marketing business - How to generate tons of quality traffic to your site. I can’t stress how important this is as essentially; Quality Traffic equals Income. Yeah, he covers other topics such as domain cloaking which allows you absolute control of what your visitors see, plus topics such as designs to ensure high click-through rates, and much more. However traffic is the cornerstone of the business so the emphasis is on quality traffic with the key word here being “quality”. Why quality? Well if the traffic is not targeted, the cost per click will be very low. In fact, quality traffic can easily mean the difference between regular and considerable sales compared to no or little sales. Looking at it purely from Adsense, it can easily be the difference between getting 5 cents per click or getting 50 cents per click. That’s a 1,000% difference folks!

Project Black Mask covers the long tail principle which is the manner in which a site can dominate a keyword phrase that is typically a keyword phrase that is typically 3 or more words which is also not a phrase that is highly searched for. The theory being that these phrases are usually easy to dominate and despite the low searches, if you can for example, dominate only 100 keyword phrases which each get only 500 searches per month, you can then place yourself in a position where you are on the 1st page of Google results for 50,000 searches. Now if you take this presumption further and say, dyou dominate 1,000 longtail keyword phrases of only 500 searches each per month, you have now placed yourself in a really nice position where you are now dominating 1st page Google results for over 500,000 searches per month. Get the idea? This is really powerful concepts folks.

Project Black Mask discusses at length other aspects of Black Hat techniques including Niche Selection as well as a topic you never read much about; Content Generators (Black Hat style) which I found really interesting. I’ve never used a Content Generator however I’m now keen to explore this side of website development and marketing implementation so I can grow my business even further. The thing I liked was the tips that Project Black Mask graciously provides to ensure that your content generated sites have no “footprints” that allow Google and other Search Engines look for to determine whether your site redundant, non-unique content and primarily a duplicate site of others online. This is a really important factor to consider because if Google determines that your site is actually very similar to other sites, your rankings will plummet and your site may even be delisted. Even worse, if this site is on an IP where your other sites live, it could bring down your other sites which would be disastrous.

There are also other areas that Project Black Mask discusses which just add to the value of the book. Quite honestly, I found Project Black Mask the best book I’ve read in quite a while and its actually a book that I’ve since re-read a 2nd time - It’s so comprehensive with new, exciting information. For many of you, the information in Project Black Mask could be considered shocking but I do recommend the book for those of you that want to learn more about strategies on the fringe of internet marketing but that can make you a considerable income by implementing strategies not normally considered by the vast majority of internet marketers.

Written by Michael Constantinos -

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Adsense Traffic and Project Black Mask

After the hype over Project Black Mask recently, created by the same team that brought us Affiliate Project X and Day Job Killer, I decided to buy it and see whether it really was worthy of all the buzz it created. What I found surprised me.

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