Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Free Traffic for blogs

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Search engine traffic is the best traffic driving method.Please add your blogs to

Submit your RSS feed to directroies.Here is the list of RSS directories

Here are the ways to drive free traffic for blogs

1.Join Ryze and advertise in various groups.Website @ Groups at Zorpia is driving good traffic visit,,
Join communities in and join
Here is the link for the list of socialnetworking sites

2.Orkut -search orkut for specific community.For example if ur blog is about music,look for music groups in orkut and post ur ad.
put your blog ad in your friends scrap book.Scrap book attracts lot of attention

Add ur blog to Open source directory, Labnol's Blog directroy)

Add your feed to feed directories.Here is the feed directory list

Promote ur blog by joining,

This portal creates links to your blog which can improve your page rank .Readers interested in link exchange are welcome.Links to other blogs improves rank as well as traffic.

3.Join readers from countries (china)where bloggging is banned.They are keen to know about blogs.Ask them to use pkweblog to access your blog.Here is the list of chinese search engines

4.Collect email addresses from tech forums and placed freead in,

5.Get reviews from forums like,
www.warriorforum, (this forum has lot a templates and u get answers immediately for your queries),,,,," target="_blank"> br /

6.Get ur blog social bookmarking .I use Add this.The moment u submit ur post to digg and yahoo answers,visitors start flooding ur blog.Readers can try for Rss supports google adsense.Submit your blog to" target="_blank">
You can submit your own blog articles to

7.Leave a comment in various high traffic blogs with ur blog url.Get reviews from,

You can start leaving comments in my hot post with a comment on my post,description about your blog and its url

For more info visit my blog

Permalink for more info

This is for beginners in blogging.

If u have a query about any designs or tweaks that i have done (initially it was a 2 column blog)and would like to implement in your
blog visit Digital Dreams @,traffic

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