Thursday, October 11, 2007


About Pjico


Petrolimex Joint-Stock Insurance Company (abbreviated as PJICO) was established on 15 June 1995, including 7 founding shareholders who are huge economic organizations of Government with potential and reputation both domestic and abroad.

Since its establishment, PJICO Company has constantly developed and by now ranked the forth position in Vietnam non-life insurance market. PJICO takes about more than 10% market share in 2006 with the total premium income of more than 787 billion. To be the first ever joint - stock insurance company in Vietnam, PJICO gathers staff members who are young, enthusiastic, well educated and experienced in insurance that regularly trained not only domestically but also abroad

With a business model being encouraged, supported by the government, with a sound, attractive marketing and effective risk management policy and especially with its whole-hearted service, PJICO has really marked an image, a confidence in client's mind.

At present PJICO has a wide network of nearly 50 branches throughout the country with 1,000 staff and more than 4,500 agents.

Vision toward 2010

Become the first professional insurance company in Vietnam in terms of service quality and effectiveness.

Business Phylosophy

We only commit ourselves to what we can do and we always try our best to fulfill what we have committed.

Quality policy

- Providing diversified, comprehensive and client oriented insurance products and services.

- Creating a favourable, professional, productive, transparent and friendly working environment so that all staffs can develop to the highest degree their abilities and creativeness

- Effectively cooperating with other partners to properly co-develop and co-contribute to social benefits.

- Stably developing through diversifying insurance and financial investment activities to bring new added values to shareholders

- Never being satisfied with our current even good service, always learning from failures and successes of ourselves and others in order to provide even better products and services to our clients.

PJICO's founding shareholders
  • PETROLIMEX: Vietnam National Petroleum Inport-Export Corporation
  • VIETCOMBANK: Vietnam for Foreign Trade of Vietnam
  • VSC: Vietnam Steel Corporation
  • VINARE: Vietnam Reinsurance Company
  • VRE: Vietnam Railways
  • HANEL: Hanoi Electronics Corporation
  • MATEXIM: Company of Material and Complete Equipment
  • AT Co. Ltd: AT Security Equipment Co. Ltd

Clients and claim services

With a spreading-service network, Pjico provides cover for any risks anywhere through out the country. Currently, Pjico is insuring thousands of projects small or big with total values insured up to hundred thousands of VND billion, including many projects with value insured hundred USD million such as Daewoo Hotel, High Building Diamond Plaza B12 Petroleum and oil Port, HITC Center etc....

Pjico also insures ten thousands of students, motor vehicles, helping them be assured in studying and working. That is the goal and aspiration that Pjico gains from clients. In order to do so, Pjico has to make its most efforts during development process, set out a compensation reser closing with a sensible, lawful compensation procedure, assuring the fast, convenient, proper payment capacity.

You face risks, losses, damages in life or business?

Please do not worry if you are insured by Pjico. Pjico will with its good services fast help you to overcome those difficulties, stabilize your finance situation. That is Pjico's mission.

If possible you should notify at the soonest Pjico's affiliate nearest the occurrence scene of your accident event. Upon receiving your notice representatives of Pjico will provide you with detailed guidance making claims (if you do not know well). Usually, the following papers will be needed:

  • Claim notice (with form given by PJICO)
  • Insurance certificate
  • Survey reports on the loss or damage
  • Other papers if regulated relating to the insured interest.

Please call our Head office by the following phone numbers:

  • (04) 7 760 865
  • (04) 7 760 923
  • (04) 7 760 924
  • (04) 7 760 925
  • (04) 7 760 929

Or have a look at our below page of "contact address" to get more information.

After 11 years in operation, Pjico has indemnified ten thousands losses, typical are:
  • Losses caused by The Linda Storm in South of Vietnam in 1997. Pjico has paid billions of VND to clients to stabilize accidents people's life.
  • The fire of K131 Petroleum and oil store valued VND 22 billion.
  • The total loss of 11 thousand ton of fertilizer caused by the sinking of Marine Fidelity in Singapore valued USD 1.4 million.
  • Series of losses on road, bridge warehouse, cargo, ship caused by the Century flood in Centre of Vietnam in late1999.

Since its foundation, Pjico has compensated clients hundreds VND billion in order to over come losses, damages incursed.

Today, PJICO has become a reliable insurance address, a reliable insurance address, a good choice for you to create confidence and assurance in life and business.

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